LaFone Holmes


Who Is LaFone Holmes?

What a great question! LaFone Holmes is a Wife, Mom, and Boss.

      LaFone has been a hairstylist for over twenty years. Not wanting to just do hairstyles anymore LaFone put her love for healthy hair to work. In 2012 she decided to specialize in only Natural Hair Care. Leaving harsh chemicals alone and going back to mixing natural ingredients together to make products that grow and maintain her client's hair. Not only are her clients loving her "growing hands", but they are also respecting her ability to tell them NO. LaFone will not do a hair-style if the client's hair is not healthy and strong enough for that style. 


    The love for makeup artistry came in 2010 as LaFone always had a gift in art. The beauty in making women feel amazing with just a few strokes of a makeup brush is the best feeling for LaFone. She has had the pleasure to work with Celebrities, Brides, Models, and so much more. 

    It is saddening to say that LaFone will be retiring from doing hair and makeup full-time in a salon as of June 2020. Traveling Hair-styling and Makeup services for Weddings, Film, and Photography booking will only be available as she focuses on her Natural Hair-care Line (LaFone Cares) and the Building & Branding business she shares with her husband (Keem Holmes of Good Guidance Everything INC).

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